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DokuBaku Film Festival announces the call entry for the 6th edition.

The main topic of this year's edition is Re≈MC2VOLUTiON/OFF.

The festival will be held on September 21-25, 2022.

Human race does no longer rely on evolution. Today people are more concerned in science, which counterbalances the natural development of species. The speed of life is increasing day by day and slowing it down seems impossible. Our existence on Earth stands no patience – rush, urgency, and promptness have become our reality.

Another problem of today’s society is a lack of energy. In a daily whirlpool of events, people get less and less sources to fill the shortage of inner spiritual strength. Sleep and medication do not help anymore. Some turn to nature and meditation to replenish their body and soul with power. However, we all can be late to the next dawn, if humanity do not reconsider their attitude to time and resources.

We invite all the filmmakers to share their ideas on the opposition of revolution and evolution for the main competition of IDFF2022 which is presented in the following categories:

- Best Feature Documentary Film,

- Best Short Documentary Film,

- Best Local Documentary Film,

- Best Documentary Film for Children (DokuKids).

The Early bird deadline is 13 May 

Regular deadline is 13 June 

Late deadline: 12 July 

The selected films will be announced on 02 August 2022

As for No-Main Competition, this year it will be focused on #NewEYE, which is devoted to the search of the person’s renovation after the globally significant events and trends, affecting people’s vision of life.

A retrospective of documentaries by Ukrainian filmmakers DokuUA will take place during the festival.

The main prize of the festival is iHuman, awarded to winners in all categories, as well as a special iCyborg prize, awarded for special achievements in cinematography. Films selected in No-main Competition will be awarded with the NewEYE prize.

Submit your films on

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