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"CosmoDarwinism: The Age of Aquarius"

The 7th edition of DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival will be held on 26 September – 01 October 2023 and is devoted to "CosmoDarwinism: The Age of Aquarius".

Artificial intelligence, cloning and space tourism have become realities of our lives. Humanity erases the line between the unknown and the real, between the acceptance of a deity and science. People are deviating from the usual and traditional perception of the world and establishing new rules, looking higher and moving further away from the Earth.

As a result of cataclysms and wars, our planet began to rotate faster, and the speed of our life is also increasing day by day. We live and work at an accelerated pace compared to that of our ancestors, whose way of life had not changed for several centuries. Today, modern technology dictates a new lifestyle, with which we are forced to agree in order to have time to live.

Now that humanity has entered the Age of Aquarius, we have to be ready for globalization and the rapid development of science, which is getting indistinguishable from magic. Ideas that seemed to be an invention of writers 30 years ago are being embodied and become part of our existence. At the same time, it brings individual inner freedom from dogmas and people’s personal responsibility for their lives, harmony and happiness. Time will show how well we will cope with the upcoming changes.

The festival aims to find out what documentarists think about the current changes and to share cinematic studies on how best humanity can deal with the challenges of our time: digitization and the frantic pace of life and those who proclaim the value of the human beings and their desire to succeed without the use of technology.

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