Time of Sense±

The fifth edition of DokuBaku IDFF will take place on November 03 – 07, 2021 in Baku.

Established in 2017, the festival is the first independent international documentary film festival, aimed to present a showcase of documentary films from all over the world. The festival also intends to find new names and support local documentary filmmakers.

The main topic of this year’s festival is «Senses ±».

Such a choice was made because, in the modern world, people's feelings are subjected to serious tests, such as social development and political environment, financial well-being, and a global pandemic. All these imprints on the person’s perception of the world, including individual’s personal experiences and physical condition. This year, the jury will be especially interested in films devoted to the people’s inner and outer metamorphoses, their search for themselves, and the meaning of their existence on earth.
This year, the out-of-competition films will also be screened. In addition, a retrospective of the Azerbaijani
documentary films will be arranged. It will be dedicated to the memory of the late Azerbaijani screenwriter
and director Chingiz Rasulzade.
The applications can be submitted on the FilmFreeWay until September 20.

Space of Sense±

Five senses – these are enough to identify the world around us. Losing just one of them means a real tragedy for a human being. We all have a choice – to see or pretend to be blind, to hear or cover our ears, to speak up or keep silent, to feel or to turn our heart to stone. Every day we have to ask ourselves:

Who are we? What are we? Where are we?

Such simple questions often remain unanswered because the main feeling is our fear. We are afraid to see the reality, to hear the truth, to make our voices be heard, and to seem helpless falling in love. Our strength serves as defense, we build the fortress around us hoping no one will ever conquer it. But we lose by losing our senses. And we win by finding the way back to ourselves.

Open your eyes, listen to the Earth’s signals, touch the air and smell life.

This is the only way we can exist.

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