Kiruna – A Brand New World


Greta Stocklassa


Czech Republic

Best Feature Documentary




Located above the polar circle, the Swedish town Kiruna was built on a great iron ore deposit. Due to the mining, the town has started collapsing. So, it was decided to move the whole town to save the profi ting industry. The town has turned a potential disaster into a great opportunity. The new Kiruna should be a progressive, even better society of the future. We follow the teacher Timo, a local activist against the moving, the teenage Sami girl Maja who is discovering her cultural heritage and Abdalrahman, a teenage refugee from Yemen, who slowly realizes it takes more than just a paper to become a Swede. The seemingly very different characters are facing the same questions as the city is looking for its place. They are starting their personal search for identity, values and a greater future. The fi lm is a portrait of an utopian and dystopian town as well as

a hard-hitting refl ection of today’s society.

Kiruna A Brand New World postr ENG final