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III ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival will be held in Baku, from 14 to 18 October 2020. The festival will show dozens of foreign and local animated films for children and adults for five days. The goal of the organisers is to create an annual event that will delight the local and foreign audience and professionals, as well as promoting art of animation in Azerbaijan.

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Other Festivals


Baku ISFF which was founded by CINEMA Young Filmmakers Center in 2004 has been held under the name of Start ISFF in previous years.

 Baku ISFF has been a place for screening of successful and awarded films from Cannes,Venice,Berlin Film festivals and "Oscar" during 10 years.

 Every year more than 1500 films are submitted to the festival for the main award-Golden Pomegranate from all over the world. The most interesting ones are selected to the festival program by all means. Baku ISFF is already a meeting point of several international and local directors,producers and screenplay writers. Filmmakers who have been awarded in prestigious festivals such as Cannes,Berlin,Moscow,Doha and etc. have been a jury member of our festival. Moreover, we invite well-known film professionals as a jury member in the Local Competition for the purpose of the evaluation of local filmmakers' talent who has different manner of approaching and shooting style. Baku ISFF combines the increasing of interest to short films which is considered the fundamentals of filmmaking, motivation to young film makers and support in itself. The festival takes place each autumn of the year. And we are proud of to screen colourful films contains various characters and cultural, political and social events of our country and world.

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Sevil International Women's Documentary Film Festival which will be held for the first time this year,  aims to show documentaries on gender issues in the different regions of Azerbaijan. Especially, the lack of the tradition of documentary film festivals in the regions, as well as the prominence of gender issues, encouraged our small volunteer team to organize film festivals in the regions to promote gender equality.

Additionally, as a Sevil team, we intend to to build small youth communities on the regions while organizing videomaking and video- editing trainings which focus on making videos about gender issues. Our goal is to create conditions for making such projects accessible for young people in the regions and to promote gender equality.

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