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DokuBaku IDFF Trailer and Poster on Senses± 

Deadline: 10.10.2021                                    
Send via                  to 

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                                                DokuBaku IDFF challenges your creativity and originality.

Take your chance to take part in our new artistic contest and create your most expressive trailer and your most flashy

poster for our festival. Senses± as you can feel it.

Let your ideas and feelings run free and make your senses open for everyone to discover.

Turn your senses inside out, don’t hide them inside, because we want to know what and how you feel.

After you submit your application, you will receive an email notification about your application acceptance. If you are among a small group of finalists you will get the second email notification and an invitation to the physical or online interview. 

Note 01: Trailers longer than 30 seconds will not be considered by the Selection Committee;
Note 02: Posters are accepted only in A1 and A2 formats;
Note 03: Those who do not follow the rules of the competition are not accepted;
Note 04: The Winners will get the Award of DokuBaku 2021.

                                             We look forward to welcoming you as part of DokuBaku IDFF 2021.

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