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He studied in the classes of H. Mirzazade and N. Mirishli as a bachelor at the Baku Music Academy named after Hajibeyli. For some time he was engaged in teaching activities - he taught the subjects of Violin, Composition and History of World Art. In 2015, he was admitted to the Master's degree at Graz University of Music and Applied Arts in Beat Furrer's class and successfully completed his studies. He is a participant and winner of many competitions and festivals, as well as an organizer of festivals and concerts at the international and local level. Currently, he is a member of the artistic council of the CADENZA orchestra.


Aia graduated from the Warsaw Film School. She started her career as an international model. But her passion was photography. She specializes in short films and is an author of advertising and social-cultural campaigns. She has produced and directed a number of documentary and entertainment series and TV shows. 

Aia worked as a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, screenwriter - in Europe, Asia, the United States. Her newest projects include „Goodbye My Wonderful World” and „Hiatus”.

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After graduating from I.K. Karpenko-Kary University in Kyiv in 2019, she was a participant of documentary directing programs at L’Université d’été at La Femis in Paris and the Polish-French Film

Academy Kinographe. Marta’s documentary feature debut Diary of a Bride of Christ

premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2022 and a previous short film One Aloe, One Ficus, One Avocado and Six Dracaenas premiered at the Visions du Reel 2023 . Currently, she is pursuing a DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree.


Andrea’s film Sugar Blues had its international premiere at CPH:DOX 2014 and was screened at numerous festivals and sold worldwide. The meta-art project H*art On premiered at Dok Leipzig 2016 – Next Masters competition. Andrea delves into examining the phenomenon of debt in the film Don’t Take My Life (2016). Her Grief (2020) openly explores the feelings experienced when we see the balance between the planet and humans threatened by imminent collapse. Andrea’s background in fine arts is evident in the original style she brings to her audiovisual work and the unique interpretation she finds in each of her projects. She is currently working on a documentary trilogy, Love & Rage (Duracfilm), where she studies a new form of governance and the ability of the media to inform the public about climate change and navigate society toward a just transition.

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Robert Nielsen is a filmmaker of shorts, web series and artfilms, currently directing a string of silent shorts, also actor, podcast producer and Winner of the CPH:DOX Youtube-Battle. He also has a podcast about clearing obstacles out of the way and gaining ground for the artistic process.

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