DokuBaku Best Feature-Length Documentary

Ali Isa Jabbarov

A director and producer Ali Isa Jabbarov who was born in 1974 in Baku is the secretary and project producer of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers which is considered  first NGO of Azerbaijani cinema that is active since 1968. The films that were directed by him have participared and awarded in several local and international festivals, as well as Didor IFF ( Tajikistan),  Rahmat IFF (Iran), Festival del Cine Pobre ( Cuba), Worldfest Houston (the USA).

Successful and winning films such as "Buta", "Pomegranate Orchard" has been made which he was in the production team. Ali Isa Jabbarov has been a master of Baku Film Institutions for 2 years and publisher of "Focus" analytical cinema magazine.

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Laura Coppens

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Laura Coppens was born in 1980 in East Berlin. She received her PhD through the University Research
Priority Program Asia and Europe at the University of Zurich in 2014. Since then she works at the University at Bern as a research assistant, teaching documentary filmmaking. Her PhD film project
CHRILDREN OF SRIKANDI premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won several awards 
like the International Jury Award for Best Documentary at the 2013 Identities Queer Film Festival in
Vienna. Apart from teaching and making films, Laura also worked as the head programmer of the Southeast Asia section as well as the Queer Asia section of ASIAN HOT SHOTS BERLIN, a festival for
Asian independent film and video art in Berlin. As film curator, Laura served on several film festival juries like, the Berlinale Teddy Award Jury. The documentary feature TASTE OF HOPE is Laura’s debut
as sole director.

Saida Bakhshieva

Saida Bakhshaliyeva graduated Film Studies at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts
with honours and Theatre Studies in master degree. Since 2003 she works at the same university and in the academic year of 2014/15 she was engaged in pedagogical activity. Since then she works on
her dissertation “Carnival aesthetics in Azerbaijani cinema”. She cooperated with the “World of Culture” magazine by the creation of the Theatre Portal and took part in several international
conferences on the topics “Genetic roots of carnival aesthetics (on the path of fabliau)”, “Creativity of Francoise Rabelais and folk culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance”, “Tragic carnival or
‘scapegoats’ in Azerbaijani cinema.” Saida Bakhshiyeva collaborated with the “Russian Society” at the Russian Embassy and was the host of “Anniversaries of Russian actors” series of meetings.

DokuBaku Best Short Documentary and Best Local Documentary
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Durna Safarova

Journalist and filmmaker Durna Safarova is a media manager at Chai-Khana – visual storytelling platform in South Caucasus. She studied journalism in the Baku State University and got an MA in Cinema at the Istanbul Bilgi University. Besides, she was involved in film analysis and workshops. She is experienced in various positions in film production and scriptwriting, as well as film distribution. Durna is the author various shorts, and contributed to the award-winning films such as "The
Guest:Aleppo-Istanbul", "All Monsters Are Human".

Walter Nagy

Walter Nagy graduated from The Academy of Performing Arts (VSMU) in Bratislava (SK), also completing internship at Charles University, Prague (CZ) and Eötvos Loránd University in Budapest ( HU). He has been cooperating with the Institute of Documentary Film since 2008 on East Silver project and East Silver market in Jihlava IDFF and also worked for One World in Prague. He started his PhD at The Academy of Performing arts (DAMU (in Prague in 2010. As a PhD student he is observing the overlaps and contacts of theatrical art with film especially in documentary film and also dealing with the methods of „Oral History“ and its application beyond academic context. His work is a regularly published in the magazines and theatrological books.

Yuksel Dogan

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Yuksel Dogan was born in Antalya in 1980. She completed her undergraduate education in Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences Department of Cinema&Television between 1998-2003. Between 2006 and 2014 she held different positions as team coordinator and international unit coordinator at the International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and Antalya Television awards. She completed her master's degree in the Department of Radio, TV-Cinema at Akdeniz University Faculty of Communication in 2018. Currently she is doing her Doctorate in Communications, which she started in 2018. She was responsible for the coordination and moderation of the ANTÇEV Film Talks with a new movie every month at ANTÇEV (Antalya Contemporary Education and Culture Foundation) between November 2018 and April 2019. She is married and a mother of one child.

Category X

Elvin Jabizadeh

Elvin Jabizade was born in 1990. He completed the filmmaking course at the Baku Film Institute in 2018. He collaborated with the Film Fiction film magazine. Elvin is currently working on the films MIM and Justice - For Everyone

He is mainly engaged in the analysis and criticism of auteur films and publishes his critical articles and videos on different platforms.

He is a fan of Surreal Cinema. Elvin considers Alexander Jodorowsky as his spiritual grandfather.

Aysu Akcan

Aysu Akcan was born in Sinop in 1987. After graduating from Baku Turkish
Anatolian High School, she studied at the History Department of the Middle East Technical University, where she wrote her thesis on the Homeric epic.
Later. After she got accepted from Bilkent University, the Turkish Literature Department. Here she worked on 15th century Ottoman poetry. She is working on her Ph.D. nowadays, and she works as a lecturer at the University of Vienna. Besides, she appears in literary magazines with her poems.

Hosein Jalilvand

Hosein Jalilvand is an Iranian film director-scholar, making documentaries about the intersections of history and cinema. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Tehran in Film Studies and another Master’s from the European Joint Degree in Documentary Filmmaking (DocNomads).

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